Hairdressing License Toronto

Hairdressing License Toronto Services

Hairdressing is a lucrative business that is quickly momentum in Ontario. With so many institutions and hairstyling centers all over the Province, hairdressers have an advantage if they are licensed. Every aesthetic business in Toronto has to be authorised under the Municipal Licensing and Standards (ML&S) division for Personal Service Setting (PSS) to ensure that the service is legal. That being said if you’re in need of a hairdressing license Toronto service provider than you have come to the right place.

Hairstylist Career-oriented

At Smart Choice Hairstyling center, we provide premium courses, product usage and offer marketing programs to help you establish an independent career on your own and ensure that your business is secure and follow the standard rules of services.

Besides developing your creative skills at hairdressing, we train each aspirant to become the best in their skills and knowledge of hair styling for various occasions.

Basic hairdressing license Toronto training

From primary hair care and grooming to maintaining a style and keeping it fresh, we equip our students with knowledge and history of different hairstyle and its origin so that they are prepared for hairdressing license exams mentally and practically.

Hair Care Products

The courses we offer includes tips on picking the right products for washing, conditioning, drying and styling because knowing how to choose the right product according to the hair type and style is an essential part of achieving the right look and texture.

Hair type

Knowing what hair length, haircut and colour suits the client’s face shape and skin tone is another aspect of being a good hairstylist. We train students to intuitively distinguish between different face structures and hair and makeup that would make the clients look their best.

Hairdressing tools

Having vast knowledge and experience in the different tools used for hairdressing is also essential. We make sure that the students know each instrument, the purpose of the device and the effects and how to safely use them.


We also train them to learn how to improvise and explore their creativity so that they are equipped to adapt to past and present hair trends.


We offer still training for different hair accessories such as wigs, extensions, hair colour and braids by providing a wide array of the best quality hair accessories so that the students can adapt to the hair industry.


Smart Choice Hairdressing center also provides training to meet the requirements that all PSS establishments must follow to prevent transmission of infections, maintaining cleanliness and safety of the clients whether they are running a spa, a barbershop or a saloon.

So if you are looking to establish a hairdressing business, register with us for all the knowledge and skills you will need to have to get your license.