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You’ve come to the right place to start your cutting-edge career in Hairstyling, Barbering, and Aesthetics. We provide many courses to help you offer a range of services to your customers.


Hairstyling Apprenticeship Toronto

Looking for a steady and fun job without rescheduling your existing routines or leaving a job? Venture into the hairstyling business without leaving the comfort of your home or the security of your current position. Hairstyling is a profitable career option for people with creative skills and mindset. While the knowledge of using the proper techniques and tools are also critical in determining the success of the career, the job requires manual and mental tasks as well. But if you are passionate about pursuing hairstyling as a career and if you want to put sincere efforts in establishing your institution or saloon, registering with a reputed establishment is a sure way to start on the right foot. If you’re interested in more information about our hairstyling apprenticeship Toronto courses, be sure to get in touch with one of our professional hair stylists.

Hairstyling Course Online in Toronto

Study at Your Own Pace

Many people are opting for hair styling course online because it allows you to study at your own pace without having to miss out on your regular classes, jobs or daily routines. There are no uniformed schedules in the part-time hairdressing classes that restrict you from performing other activities. You can study at your convenience and submit assignments when you are ready.

Personalized Instructions and Feedback

Hairstyling course online also allows you to receive personalized assistance. Since you will be studying and practicing at your own pace, your difficulties and doubts can be personally administered by the professional online tutors at your request. Unlike regular classes where you have to try to catch up or wait for others to match your pace, you can have a tutor’s support whenever you need guidance and feedback.

Since the hairdressing classes are part-time, you can pursue other goals and involve yourself in other activities to improve your well-being.

Free Study Materials

At Smart Choice, we provide all the necessary study materials and hairstyling equipment or your study. There are different technicalities and skill development exercises for separate hairstyling courses online that you can choose. Depending on your hairstyling course, we provide live videos and hair starter kit so that you will have the same experience as a regular practical class.

Hair Service Regulation Compliant

We strictly go by the aesthetic business rules in Toronto, so we have fixed hours of classes for a student to qualify for a complete course. These hours are structured to ensure the authenticity of the training and to equip you with all the essential tips, tricks and skills. The content of the hairstyling course aims to benefit each student from every little detail while still leaving room for personal development in creativity.

Course Content

The course content includes classes in primary and advanced makeup application, hair cutting, hair colouring, skills training in handling wigs, barbering and hair spa treatment. There are other tutorials on hair braiding, curling, straightening, perming, grooming and styling for different occasions.

Hair Exam Practice

We also provide hair exam practice test that allows you to evaluate your skills and the effectiveness of the training. By this test, we hope to prepare you to qualify for any hairstyling institution that you want to seek after you have completed your hairstyling apprenticeship Toronto program.

The hair exam practice test is a way of authenticating your qualification and making you eligible to pursue a legitimate career. These practical tests improve technical and creative skills, and also management skills which are vital aspects of a professional hair stylist.

Business Oriented

We also teach basic hairstyling business foundations so that you are equipped to handle your own business efficiently. You can learn how to promote your hairstyling business, create business plans, build and maintain the hair industry contacts, etc.

We provide hairstyling apprenticeship Toronto courses as a way to give and build career opportunities for a broad spectrum of demography. We train our students to understand the personal needs of each client and how to communicate with them. We put great emphasis on instructing the importance of understanding the facial features and different hair textures of the clients so that they can intuitively visualize what works best for their clients.

Our Hairstyling Experiences

Although Smart Choice Hairstyling Center provides online hairstyling courses, we ensure that the students receive the same benefits as regular classes; the only difference is that you can receive personalized training at your convenience.

Our team of licensed and professional hairstylists has successfully launched the career of many other students to establish their saloon and training centers all over Toronto and have widened our horizon aboard. We wish to grow our client base as well as witness the success of our students in the hairstyling industry.

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Smart Choice Hairstyling Center offers hairstyling apprenticeship Toronto programs through part-time classes online. We equip our students with complete training in beauty and grooming, barbering and hairstyling course online. To keep you ready for the competitive market, we also provide hair exam practice test that will ensure your place in the hairstyling industry

If you are looking for an innovative hairstyling career where you get to meet new people, explore your creativity and influence the fashion industry, register with us and enjoy the perks of a flexible job that is versatile, limitless and productive.

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