Hair Dressing School Toronto

hairdressing school toronto

Hair Dressing School Toronto

As a renowned hairdressing school Toronto service provider, Smart Choice Hairdressing Center is committed to providing the best training in hair styling in the industry. We intend to motivate and inspire students through innovative and practical learning techniques. Our mission is to arm them with adequate skills and creativity. We also aim at building good work ethics and equip them with the best method to excel in the industry.

Hairdressing School Toronto With Experienced Trainers

At Smart Choice Hair Styling Center, we place a high priority on comprehensive training for self-care and professionally. We deploy only the most qualified, experienced and highly skilled trainers to teach the student. We make sure the staffs are registered to teach all available courses, full-time.

Up-to-Date Hairdressing School Toronto Techniques and Course

At Smart Choice, the staffs are also committed to imparting fundamental skills while incorporating the latest styles and trends to ensure that the students are in-demand in the industry. We provide training courses with the latest techniques, trends, and equipment to prepare the students for an independent career after graduating from the course.

Structured Hairdressing School Toronto Training Programs

Our training courses are highly systematic and require dedication from the trainers and the students. We follow the training hours legislated by the Cosmetology of Toronto, which is at least 1500 hours. The training timings are flexible for the needs of the students as working hours in Toronto differs for students who have a job.

Wide Range of Curriculum For Hairdressing School Toronto Students

The curriculums for all the training courses include haircutting techniques for men and women; blow drying, curling and straightening methods. We also specialize in hair coloring, highlighting and other hair treatment methods. Hair extensions, perming and styling are also part of the curriculum.

These programs are designed to mold the students to equip themselves with salon management and ownership skills.

Upgraded and Efficient Hairdressing School Toronto Facility

At our training center, we ensure that the students are accustomed to all the facilities of a well-furnished salon. We source equipment to expose them to the latest technologies and products so that they remain flexible and relevant to their creativity.

Practical Sessions

To ensure that the students are getting the best skill training, we provide live models and mannequins for exercises. This use of an efficient method of instruction makes the students highly employable in the hairdressing industry.

Hairdressing School Toronto Vision and Mission

At Smart Choice Hairdressing Center, we aim to be the best hairdressing center in Toronto. We wish to grow locally and regionally through excellent results and train for the customers’ satisfaction.