Know Your Rights if You Have a Bad Haircut Day

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Who hasn’t had a bad haircut day? Chances are you have already experienced it, or you’re bound to experience one in the future. But, have you ever wondered what you’re rights are if you have a bad haircut or if it’s the complete adverse of what you asked for? Well, Yes, you have legal rights to sue your hairdresser or the salon itself in case your haircut isn’t something you asked for.

Your Rights –

  • If your hair gets massacred by the barber or hair stylist, you have the right to refuse full payment. But, for this, of course, you will need to establish a clear haircut objective with your stylist/barber before the haircut begins.
  • You can also ask for a different stylist to fix the mess that the present stylist has created. More than just a moral obligation, demanding another hair stylist is your right.
  • You can have legal backing by seeking professional help. You have to explain properly how your haircut isn’t the one that you asked for in the first place. You can also take the help of other hairdressers to show that your haircut is below sub-standard.

In some cases, the salons will simply agree to refund you or compensate most of your money’s back to protect their reputation. There are, however some salons or hairdressers that will insist on not refunding you or insinuate that they have done exactly what you asked for. In that case, it is best to seek out professional help.

Your Professional Help

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  • If the judgement sadly doesn’t go in your favour, we can further create legal arbitration laws and negotiate the compensation in your favour

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